Runners Love Numbers!

Runners love numbers, in fact, I can attest to the fact that even joggers and couch potatoes, who wish to be runners, love numbers as well.  What kind of numbers do runners love?  Distance.  Time.  Calories.  Laps.  What else?  Hey, I’m a beginner, so I can’t say yet!

C25K (Couch-to-5K) has been helping make the very transition from my living room sofa to the eventual cranking out of 3.10685596 miles.  Respectable times are not promised, but that’s not the point for those of us who puff to scale a flight of stairs.

Weather and time constraints used to volunteer themselves as excuses to keep me from running, but there’s now a treadmill in my bedroom and all excuses are gone.  *Enter C25K Treadmill Version.*  Week 4 of this craziness starts today and I’m pumped!  Total time on the old tready per day during Week 1 was 30 minutes, but never fear, the actual time spent “running” was a mere 8 minutes a day.  Week 4 touts a whopping 16 minutes of run time.

While Ian (thank you, Ian), did a great job laying out the treadmill intervals for this 9-week trainer, every jogger runner wants more ways to track.  More records.  It’s just more fun!  Propped up on my treadmill book holder (who can read while they’re bouncing all over the place is something I’d like to know!) is my printed-out schedule of when to increase my speed and when to slow it down.  But we all know there’s more to keeping good records than to just mark off each day as it’s completed.  So, I invented something that I’d like to share with you: C25K Running Cards.  Now, you’re not allowed to sell them, but you can share them with your friends.

3×5 cards with all the goodies.  Feel free to share them, but don’t you dare sell them. Print your own here: C25K Treadmill Cards.

C25K Treadmill Running Card

I’m loving mine!

P.S. On the 3rd week, the workout was originally only 28 minutes long, so I re-arranged to include one more run/walk set of 1:30 each and only a 4 minute cool-down.  Do what works for you.

P.P.S. I printed my cards on my printer (of course), so you may need to make slight adjustments to make them come out to your liking on your printer.  Notice how my printer omitted the outside lines on grids.  I don’t seem to mind.  🙂

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